F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions ???

  • Do you have any examples of previous work?

    Yes we do if you click on either Website Design, Custom Software or eCommerce this will allow you to browse through some projects we have done previously. 

  • How long have you been around?

    We have been around since 2008, you can read more on our about us page.

  • Do you have any experience in building websites?

    Yes we do, we have been building websites since 2008 and have built over 100 websites in that time, feel free to see some of our work by clicking here.

  • What is the average cost of a website?

    All websites vary on price however average cost of a custom built website can range from $3,500+GST upwards, we also have more affordable options if you are happy to use a template plan starting  from $39.90 per month and go up depending on the complexity of the site. 

  • Will my website be mobile compatible?

    Although it may cost more, we recommend that when you build your website, that mobile compatibility is on the top of your list. Our websites do not come mobile compatible by default.

  • I'm new to this website thing...  Where and how do I start?

    The best thing to do with starting a new website is to work out the content for your site. After doing that you can then come and talk to to us or we can come to you, and work out together what the best plan of attack is. 

  • How well will my website work on Google and other search engines?

    Getting your website to come up on Google is a tricky task, it requires time and effort. There is no golden rule, however, with time and effort we can get your website to perform. 

  • Do you also create the content for the websites you build?

    Website content is a fun subject, you as the owner of the website are to provide the content for the site. We work very closely with a good content writer and they can create (expand) on your content that you provide if you wish.  

  • What is hosting and where can I get this?

    Friendly Web uses secure servers based in Auckland and are happy to help you with any hosting enquires. Call us now, or you can find more about hosting here.

  • I currently have a website and email accounts set up with my current host what happens to these? 

    Friendly Web has experience with moving sites and email without down time.  We will require what is called a UDAI code to move your domain name. Give us a call and we can help you find the code and get it all sorted for you.

  • Do you work with Wordpress?

    No. After researching and experiencing Wordpress, Joomla and other open source platforms, we find that they create more problems than they solve. We also complete faith in the stability and performance of the well tested software we have created. 

  • What is the difference between an eCommerce site and a standard site?

    An eCommerce website is built to display products and allow for customers to buy products through your website, it is basically an online shop. A standard website does not contain products and merely serves to tell customers more about their business.

  • What is web software?

    Web software can vary based on what you need. Web software can be a Customer Management System, which will allow you to manage the customers within your company and take enquiries, check out our software for more information and examples.

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