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Google changes search result!

Google has made some major changes to how it displays search results on mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad. With these changes , Google will boost the ranking of mobile-friendly sites compared to other non-optimized sites. The changes affect search results in all languages globally and applies to individual pages, not entire sites. What is mobile friendly? When your website is

Email Marketing

We have recently released our own email marketing system. Email marketing is an effective way to increase consumer engagement and drive traffic to your website. How does it work? We have built email marketing in such a way that you are able to upload products directly from your website into the email template with a few simple steps. Select from a range of email templates that have been

Reporting on Friendly Shops

Friendly Shops is all about making life easy for you, we want you to enjoy updating your website but not only that, we want you to understand how it works, what’s performing and what’s not . It’s about making your site simple, effective and affordable.  Coming soon -  you will be able to view your hits to your website right inside website, no need to login to google any

Shapes + Scapes transformation

Shapes and scapes - home page - New
Shapes + Scapes, prides itself on creating unique creations for both inside and outside. This is the second time we have worked with Nicky from Shapes and Scapes. With moving to Christchurch her business focus has changed slightly and is now focusing on the “Shapes” side of things and now creates custom sculptures and creations. Nicky from Shapes + Scapes now specialises in creating custo

It takes a bit of honesty

Today we updated our home page… go and have a look !! …. 3 weeks ago we launched our new website, we optimised the site, we were still coming in first and second position for the terms we wanted on google and we thought “yup we have got this, our website is going to be great” . I asked everybody “what do you think ? “… I got great responses  back…&

What do Social Media and Goldfish have in common?

So, about a month ago as I was thinking about the next post I was going to create on Facebook. I then looked over to my fish tank and saw that my fish had been passing away. Then I thought to myself, "why do my fish keep dying", and then for some strange reason I looked at my stats on Facebook and noticed that it had been lacking/dying as well, then I thought well, I wonder if there could be

Friendly Web has gone responsive

Yes, our new site is live and we have developed it to be completely responsive. What does this mean, well let me explain. There are a large number of devices which are capable of looking at websites. Starting with computers and laptops, right down to the smaller devices such as ipads and tablets and of course the iphones and android devices.  Each of these devices has different criteria for

Friendly Shops in the Bay of Plenty Times

Friendly Shops is in the local news paper! Karl was approached by David from Bay of Plenty Times because he heard about a new concept Karl has developed. Friendly Shops is a on-line shopping system which allows businesses to upload products and sell them on-line. More or less it is a website which has lots of products on it for customers to purchase.  Karl has been developing this eCommerce

Digital marketing world about to get hot in NZ

Jesse Thomas is ready to take New Zealand’s digital advertising to the next level. Jesse Thomas, an entrepreneurial star, founded his business JESS3 in Washington D.C and is now taking the worlds complicated media and turning it into easy-to-view videos and digital advertising for major companies. He is a digital mastermind. Now when I say major companies, I mean MAJOR companies for exam

We won workplace of the day!

On Monday I entered a competition on-line called "Work place of the day". There was a simple criteria, First your normal details (phone email address you know the usual ... ) tell us why you want to win? I said I wanted to win because "I wanted to say a huge thank you to my employee Ken for working like crazy over the last year he is such a great worker!". Vinnie from More FM anno

We got a PO BOX

Friendly web today got a PO BOX number we're pretty excited about our PO BOX Number. It means you can send us letters and really big cheques. Any donations are welcomed with great delight... Our Official PO Box Number is 15095 Our Official Postal Address is now  PO Box 15095 Tauranga 3110

Facebook scamming and identity theft is rampant in New Zealand

Does there need to be a huge security breach on Facebook before people will be careful? Do millions of dollars in identity-theft crimes need to show in the news before Facebook makes changes? Do users need to question the wisdom of placing so much trust in Facebook privacy and security? With more than 1.2 billion users - the world's largest collection of consumer ‘likes

Should your business be more social?

Often a professional business attitude tries not to mix business with pleasure. But does this work? Can the social creatures that make up the staff of all businesses be successful only when they are cold and accurate? How many people use Facebook? The social interaction and communication that is available on-line via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is taking the business world by storm! The

Is Microsoft about to Die?

•Has Microsoft become obsolete? •Is the PC dead? •Has Microsoft been outclassed? •Will there be a 20% drop in desktop PC's in the next two years? These question have been asked in recent days when statistics have been analysed by technology researchers Gartner. With the huge rush to buy mobile phones and tablets, it looks like 'traditional' computing will soon be a thing of the p

Dinosaurs in the Bay of Plenty??

Are there dinosaur remains found recently on the beach at Pukehina?  Gosh, I didnt know that!

Friendly Web joins forces with VPS CITY

This week we made a seamless switch over to VPSCity, we are extremely excited to begin to build a business relationship with our new hosting company.  The team from VPS City really are on to it when it comes to any questions we have.  We have moved from Open host who were truly atrocious when it came to customer service and we really do not recommend them. Tarquin and the te

Watch out for TradeMe scams!

Overseas criminals are contacting New Zealanders attempting to hijack their Trade Me accounts. These scammers are posting fake sales listings on Trade Me using a genuine identity obtained fraudulently. Even today 13th April 2013, people in the Bay of Plenty are receiving emails pretending to be from Trade Me asking for personal details.  Sun-live reported today: Trade Me head of

Intel Wireless Power

Check this out – Wireless power has been developed by Intel. They can transmit electricity using magnetic fields up to two or three meters, to power a light bulb, laptop or charge a cell phone. Wireless charging - thats so cool!! Gosh! That’s truly wireless! Check out the video below for more. Samsung have also joined the excitement of wireless electricity based on these specs. They call

Weak links and strong links: strong link medium link

Weak links and strong links: strong link medium link Link building is imperative for website optimization. These are also called back links . We all know this: if a website links to your site that means more traffic paths to your site. Links need to go both ways, don’t they? More traffic paths are good, aren't they? Traffic Paths Now I say ‘traffic paths’ because the link could

Friendly Shops is going to be HUGE!

At the moment we are in the process of building something we are very excited about - it’s called Friendly Shops. Basically - your own store Online…. Simple…. Affordable. We are creating a new system that is very simple to update, add, delete, products and categories and so much more. We are making it compatible with most devices and especially the Ipad. So you can point and shoot a

Google can search images

Gosh I didn't know that! Google has the ability to index images by creating a visual graph of the image so in conjunction with the image text (file name, alt, title and caption) they can rank images based on relevance to the search. OK I knew that it was important to name each image file using accurate keywords. And I knew it was important to put these keywords in the alt, title and capti

What is a Good Domain Name?

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success. It is also good advice to purchase more than one domain name.  But how do you identify a good domain name?  7 characteristics of good domain names:  1. Good Domain Names are descript

No More Christmas Queues...

I want you to cast yourself back probably only a few weeks ago. You’ve got all your Christmas shopping done except for a couple of presents you need to get, so you decided to head in to your local shopping centre. The Christmas carols are playing, the decorations are up, and the shelves are stocked. Go back to when you were standing in the those annoying queues waiting for that slow eft

TradeMe Gets a Christmas Too...

Over 20,000 Ties, Books, Handbags, Kitchen appliances and other items ended up on TradeMe as New Zealanders want to offload unwanted gifts. This is a normal occurrence apparently according to the spokesman Paul Ford. On TradeMe it is so easy for people to get rid of gift… as long as the person who gave you the gift   doesn’t  know your member name then it would be possible and y

Do New Zealanders really use their TVs properly?

Household web capable devices in NZ; are we using them?? A Colmar Brunton survey found that 40% of New Zealand homes have web capable TV’s yet we aren't using them to their full potential. When I heard this news, as you can imagine, I was disappointed but not surprised. Some features that New Zealanders are missing out on are: Streaming TV shows, surfing the web, using applications su

New Feature added to our website!!

Today we added a new feature to help us help you. At the bottom of every page on our website we have added the ability for you to give us feedback on that page. Along with that we have made it easy for you to share our site on Facebook and Twitter ! So go on start sharing you know you want to !   Oh yea we forgot to tell you that we now have the ability to comment on O

Personal message for your friends from Santa

OK this is way to cool not to share !!! Google have out done themselves once again !  Go to the following website to create a personal audio message for your friends for Christmas !  Click below to get a personal audio message from Santa New Link Google you ROCK !!!!
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