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31st Dec 2013

Digital marketing world about to get hot in NZ

Jesse Thomas is ready to take New Zealand’s digital advertising to the next level. Jesse Thomas, an entrepreneurial star, founded his business JESS3 in Washington D.C and is now taking the worlds complicated media and turning it into easy-to-view videos and digital advertising for major companies. He is a digital mastermind.

Now when I say major companies, I mean MAJOR companies for example:
•First we have a small little company called Facebook

But if you think Facebook is huge well lets have a look at some of his other clients

Feel free to click on these to see his work … Very impressive … 
•The Australian Embassy
•Mozilla Firefox

The list goes on…
•American Express
•And he was involved in the recent national elections in the US.

Oh and I cant forget one of his smallest companies he has worked with a little crowd called GOOGLE yes that is right GOOGLE.

Jesse says “When I started the agency, I always thought of NZ as a place to have an office, Auckland has always been my number one location for an office”.

Jesse and his co-founder were named in 2012 as Inc.'s 30 Under 30 America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs.

Currently based in Washington DC, Los Angeles and Oklahoma City, Jesse’s company specializes in data visualisation, its services ranging from
•Interactive media
•Social strategies
•Data visualisations
•Info graphics

Can anyone say my dream job …


On Jesse’s recent visit to New Zealand, he met up with a number of Auckland entrepreneurs through business incubator The Ice house.

He was also very impressed at the new skills he saw in Wellington at the the Weta Workshop.

"One of the great things with dual citizenship is that I can set up a business here - and I have the ability to bring Google, Nike, NASA, bring the work here and take my NZ workers to America," says the 30 year old.

So what are Jesse’s plans?

"I am trying to meet an MD type person who has agency experience, experience with a creative team.

"Hopefully that person has deal flow and would be developing a more senior team here," he says.

He as already thought of some new potential clients including:
•Air New Zealand
•The Warehouse

But his international clients like Samsung would greatly benefit from having an office here.

"We'd be looking for someone with experience or interest in information design,"’

What is his goal? Well it’s simple really…

To become the “hottest digital agency in NZ.” Personally I think he will do that quite easily.

Jesse, we look forward to you coming to New Zealand and becoming the hottest digital agency in New Zealand.

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