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26th Dec 2012

Do New Zealanders really use their TVs properly?

Household web capable devices in NZ; are we using them??

A Colmar Brunton survey found that 40% of New Zealand homes have web capable TV’s yet we aren't using them to their full potential. When I heard this news, as you can imagine, I was disappointed but not surprised.

Some features that New Zealanders are missing out on are: Streaming TV shows, surfing the web, using applications such as Skype, Angry Birds and so much more!

It’s the same with Blu-ray players (61 %). Along with Blu-ray players, the survey found that 41% of hand-held gaming consoles are not used on-line either. This really shocked me as I would have assumed that most of the personnel using these devices are “gamers”, and they are normally up with the play when it comes to technology.


So why aren't we using them on-line?
•Is it because we just don’t know about these features?
•Is it because we don’t know how to use them?
•Or is it because we aren't used to using them yet.

Well, according to the Colmar Brunton results we just don’t think they are necessary now …

I ask how do you change a nation who thinks like this? How do you educate the non-educated persons about this.

After humming and "a-ing" I have come to the conclusion that we need to ask the younger generations of New Zealand. I truly  think training is essential in changing the attitudes of these TV and Blu-ray owners maybe it is time that the owners of these TV’s and Blu-rays sit down with their local teenager and ask What can this thing actually do? 

 And I think you will find if we were to do that, the teenagers might actually be able to teach some of the older generations some new tricks.


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