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28th Mar 2014

Friendly Shops in the Bay of Plenty Times

Friendly Shops is in the local news paper! Karl was approached by David from Bay of Plenty Times because he heard about a new concept Karl has developed. Friendly Shops is a on-line shopping system which allows businesses to upload products and sell them on-line. More or less it is a website which has lots of products on it for customers to purchase. 

Karl has been developing this eCommerce platform for a number of years but has recently made some significant progress which has seen Friendly Shops come to a state where it is becoming ready to go on-line. 

Friendly Shops currently has a number of eCommerce sites already live on the system, it is the likes of Eastern HiFi,Ezi Hair and Ezy Milk that were willing to try and see what the system can do. For more on these eCommerce sites visit our eCommerce page.

Where to from here? Well it is quite simple, Friendly Web will continue to develop the system and build more features which offer a unique experience and unique selling point which will aim to make potential customers money from launching their own on-line shop.

There is so much to look forward to, the ease with which Friendly Shops will allow you to run your shop is exciting. The ability to change all the content yourself, upload all the products, modify colours, take payments through PayPal and much more. All of this is made possible with the in-line editing features which Friendly Web has developed along with integrated services which will see your shop come alive and make a strong and unforgettable on-line presence. 

If this appeals to you, please get in touch with us to begin developing your on-line shop.

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