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21st Jan 2013

Friendly Shops is going to be HUGE!

At the moment we are in the process of building something we are very excited about - it’s called Friendly Shops.

Basically - your own store Online…. Simple…. Affordable.

We are creating a new system that is very simple to update, add, delete, products and categories and so much more. We are making it compatible with most devices and especially the Ipad. So you can point and shoot and your product is online and people are buying your goods! It’s that simple!

We are planning to go live on the 1st of February. With 5 clients already signed up, there's another 10 in the wings ready to confirm.

The idea is that you fill in a simple form on a website to create your shop, you add your products and start making money …. Simple!!

Before even launching the system, today we showed a potential client who has now confirmed they want to be a client and this is the remarks we got back from her.

“Thank you it all looks really good. I will have another look this evening but as a first impression I would say it is very clean-cut, simple and straightforward but still looks high quality and professional. I believe you will not have any trouble getting businesses to sign up.”

Stay tuned for more!

The Countdown is on!

Email us now to register your interest.
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