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4th Apr 2014

Friendly Web has gone responsive

Yes, our new site is live and we have developed it to be completely responsive. What does this mean, well let me explain. There are a large number of devices which are capable of looking at websites. Starting with computers and laptops, right down to the smaller devices such as ipads and tablets and of course the iphones and android devices. 

Each of these devices has different criteria for viewing websites to ensure they fit nicely on the screen. Ensuring that your website can be viewed nicely on each of these devices means that your website needs to be responsive. This is exactly what we have done. We have built our website so it responds to the screen size of each device and changes the layout to make sure you are still looking at a nicely designed website.

Of course making your website responsive takes time but in the end will pay of. Google is very smart and can tell if your website is responsive or not. This means that if your website is indeed responsive it will perform much better on Google, why? Simply because your website can adapt to different devices thus generating more access to your website no matter what device you are using increasing visitors coming to your website.

What does it take to get my website responsive? That is a smart question to be asking. Responsive websites will benefit every business. All it takes is to chat to your web developer. In this case, chat to us, simply pick up the phone and call 0508 37 4363 or get in touch with us through our contact page to get more information on making your website responsive. 

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