Date Posted
28th May 2015

Google changes search result!

Google has made some major changes to how it displays search results on mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

With these changes, Google will boost the ranking of mobile-friendly sites compared to other non-optimized sites.

The changes affect search results in all languages globally and applies to individual pages, not entire sites.

What is mobile friendly?
When your website is mobile friendly it will fit properly on a mobile phone, tablet or iPad and of course laptops and desktop computers. What do I mean by properly?

When a website is designed the developer will need to take into account that there are multiple devices on which the internet can be browsed and your website can be viewed. Each device has its own screen width which means that what you see on a laptop will not fit on a tablet or iPad. The content and design needs to be adjusted for each screen width to make sure it looks nice and fits on each screen size.

So, when we talk about mobile friendly, you know that it means that your website fits nicely and looks good on each screen width.

What does this mean for you?

When your website is mobile friendly you have an advantage in that your customers can comfortably access your website no matter what device they use.

If your website is not mobile friendly you are disadvantaged because Google has decided it will show mobile friendly websites first on mobile search results.

The norm is that every website should be mobile responsive, if it is not, you are outplayed by your competition.

How we can help.

Finding out if your website is mobile friendly is easy, contact Bart on 07 929 6360 to find out if your site is mobile friendly

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