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22nd May 2013

Is Microsoft about to Die?

  • •Has Microsoft become obsolete?
    •Is the PC dead?
    •Has Microsoft been outclassed?
    •Will there be a 20% drop in desktop PC's in the next two years?

    These question have been asked in recent days when statistics have been analysed by technology researchers Gartner. With the huge rush to buy mobile phones and tablets, it looks like 'traditional' computing will soon be a thing of the past. The trends in computing technology are towards mobile devices running Android and IOS software from the likes of Apple and Google. So where will Microsoft end up?

    Apple iconYet ZD Net say this is over reaction. There are many computing tasks which are not efficient or even possible on mobile devices. Google Android offers free software, and Microsoft and Apple cannot compete. Yet "the open nature of Android is a great blessing and an even greater curse for Google. Samsung, the largest maker of Android devices in the world, “will diverge from Google's OS and become a legitimate fork.” So will Amazon."

    Microsoft iconWith Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 it seems that the computing world will continue to change rapidly in the near future. 

    Read the full article at and learn how Microsoft is coping with the stress. 

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