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3rd Jan 2013

No More Christmas Queues...

I want you to cast yourself back probably only a few weeks ago.

You’ve got all your Christmas shopping done except for a couple of presents you need to get, so you decided to head in to your local shopping centre. The Christmas carols are playing, the decorations are up, and the shelves are stocked.

Go back to when you were standing in the those annoying queues waiting for that slow eftpos terminals to process, or the customers in front of you who’s paying with cash for their gifts.

Well that could all be a thing of the Christmas past.

New Zealand will be the first country in the world to try out a new technology at the the end of this year. What am I talking about is a fully integrated smartphone pay system.

New Zealand banks have teamed up with local mobile providers to produce a world first. Soon you will be able to use your mobile phone to pay for items as you do now with your eftpos card or cash.

You will also be able to have non payment cards like:
•Loyalty cards

You will also be able to redeem coupons, and have vouchers on the app as well.

Retailers are already upgrading to the system which is due to go live in August 2013.

The idea is that you 'tap and go' any purchases up to 80 dollars, and you don’t need a pin.

Retailers are seeing savings of up to 30 seconds for each transaction. Now that doesn't seem like a lot for your transaction but over the course of the day it could save a lot of time.

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