Date Posted
27th Aug 2014

Reporting on Friendly Shops

Friendly Shops is all about making life easy for you, we want you to enjoy updating your website but not only that, we want you to understand how it works,
what’s performing and what’s not.

It’s about making your site simple, effective and affordable. 

Coming soon - you will be able to view your hits to your website right inside website, no need to login to google anymore, no need to be confused on hundreds of reports, we provide simple relevant reports that will help you get the best results from your site. 

How it works?
You as the shop owner login to your Friendly Shop.

We pull in the information both from Google Analytics and also use your data from your store. You will be able to see the hits and relevant information for your website right there and then. 

We then display that data in graphs to make it easy for you to understand exactly how your store is running, allowing you to get on with selling and making your website perform. 

These graphs this will give you up to date information to show you how well your site is performing. 

Soon you will be able to see hits to your website, how many orders are being processed, what products are most purchased, what pages are your most popular and more.

Friendly Shops - Simple, Effective, Affordable

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