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22nd May 2013

Should your business be more social?

Often a professional business attitude tries not to mix business with pleasure. But does this work? Can the social creatures that make up the staff of all businesses be successful only when they are cold and accurate?

How many people use Facebook?

The social interaction and communication that is available on-line via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is taking the business world by storm! The NZ Herald on 8th May 2013 says that only 40% of Auckland businesses are using social media tools like Facebook. 

When I read that figure I was astonished! Have that many businesses already taken advantage of social interaction? I thought it would be a lot 

First Digital reported in July 2009 that Facebook users outnumber TradeMe users, when over 90% of 20-24 year old, and over 75% of 25-29 year old were regularly active on Facebook. Gosh! That’s 4 years ago!less. Certainly here in Tauranga many businesses have not gone “on-line” in any way shape or form, let alone Facebook.  

In addition to Facebook there is Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and thousands of other very popular social media sites.


Do Old People use Facebook and Twitter?

Twitter icon My experience shows that “no young person” has failed to start a Facebook page. I would say that over 50% of over 40 year old now have a personal Facebook page. They are the people with money. I believe every business needs a Facebook page.

Do recent figures support my opinion?

Say It report in November 2012 that:
76% of New Zealanders have signed up for social media interaction with Facebook

 To quote: “The figures make clear, however, that it's still mainly about Facebook.  Of the SAYit panel members surveyed:
•76% are on Facebook, up 7% since April 2011.
•29% are on Linkedin, up 17% on 2011
•19% are on Twitter, up 7%.
•13% are on Google Plus and 8% are on Pinterest.  Neither of these were included separately in the 2011 study.
•20% are not on any social networking site.

Facebook's domination is reinforced by the fact that the vast majority of users of other social media sites also use Facebook.
•97% of New Zealand Twitter users also use Facebook, as do 97% of Google Plus users.
•90% of New Zealand Linkedin users also use Facebook, as do 90% of the relatively small sample who use Pinterest.”

The NZ Herald reported in Jan 2013 that with so many “oldies” on Facebook the young people think Facebook is no longer cool. It’s the 13-25 year old who are leaving Facebook, but with the older people, Facebook is becoming much more popular. The herald reports that over 2.3 million New Zealander's have signed up for Facebook because it has become more socially acceptable. “Facebook has become a part of everyday life.”


Which businesses promote on Facebook and LinkedIn?

The Social Bakers have mixed up a batch of figures that show over ¼ million people are ‘friends’ of Air New Zealand. Also Mc Donalds, Dominos, Coca-Cola, KFC and L&P are all promoting their Facebook pages with special offers so people will ‘like’ them. Nearly 2 million people are ‘fans’ of the All Blacks! Why are they so successful? They have created a captive audience on-line!

I find that Facebook, Twitter and Linked in all have different target audiences. If you want to promote your business  get a website. If you want to get more people to visit your website, get social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. One of the best ways to advertise is to get your ‘friends’ to do it for you naturally. Socially. Give people something to talk about and they will share away happily day and night.

Do you need help with your Facebook page?

So if you are one of those businesses who haven’t yet started a custom Facebook page and linked it weekly to pages on your website, then you are missing out on the popularity of social media.

Friendly Web can help you with an affordable social media solution. Call us today!
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