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19th Dec 2013

We won workplace of the day!

On Monday I entered a competition on-line called "Work place of the day".

There was a simple criteria,

First your normal details (phone email address you know the usual ... ) tell us why you want to win?

I said I wanted to win because "I wanted to say a huge thank you to my employee Ken for working like crazy over the last year he is such a great worker!".

Vinnie from More FM announced live on air that "Friendly Web are our winners for More FM work place of the day see you soon with your morning tea".

WE WON! !!! - I couldn't believe it I was over the moon !

Man I was so excited I rang Ken and told him that he needs to be here for morning tea (he was running late) ....

Then I thought I totally forgot my lunch today... It's Funny how things work out at times.

Vinnie dropped it off and stayed for bit of a chat.

We opened up the box and it was enough to feed the 5000!!! It was filled with all sorts of goodies from the team at Brumbies

We had:
•Vegemite Scrolls
•Lolly Cake 
•Date Loaf

and so much more!

Then we enjoyed morning tea with the team from International Needs & Chris Rapson Mortgages.

After trying our best at demolishing the food we still couldn't do it so we got to save the rest for lunch !

What a great way to wrap up the day and year!

Thanks More FM & Brumbies !!
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