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10th October 2013

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Graham Whitiker




Our new website is running perfectly Karl. We are all doing the updates and adding pictures ourselves.
Everyone finds it easy which is why we chose you in the first place. Your system does what you said it would.
To top it off we are selling and sending high quality audio all over the world, Holland, Brazil, Raratonga, Samoa and Australia.
Well done. You are going far.

Eastern Hi Fi came to us wanting a fresh looking, organised website that allowed their staff to be able to update their products. Eastern Hi Fi  were using a Dreamweaver based website and found it difficult to keep up to date and try to keep the website looking professional.  

We examined the old website and found there were some key features that needed to be on the new website.

Home page product promoter
Creating new fresh content was somewhat of challenge for a retail store so we suggested that a product scroller would be a good solution for Eastern HiFi . We created a way for the team to simply click a box and all of that products information would then be on the home page. We also felt it was important to encourage the ability for people to purchase that product straight from the home page.

One of the main features that we implemented on the new website is the need for products to be organised by brand rather than category. For this to happen we needed to build a new feature in to our eCommerce solution that allowed the team from Eastern Hi Fi to be able to categorise the product in both category and Brand.

Eastern Hifi needed a way to upload multiple PDF & image based promotions that they receive from their suppliers. We created a dedicated page that allowed them to achieve this goal. When you click on the particular promotion, the promotion appears in front of you in what we call a light box. We have done this rather than in a new tab as we felt a new tab would lose the flow of the website.

As Eastern HiFi are now using Friendly Shops their customers can also search the database of product and also purchase products on-line.

After a few little niggles we got the website up and their customers are now raving about it

Eastern HiFi love the new website.

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