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10th May 2013

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KIm Pyne


CEO & Founder


First let me just say that I’m rubbish on a computer. Having been badly let down  by a so called professional website developer. I was recommended to Friendly web. As you could imagine I was extremely wary of going down the same route again. Ushering my wife and I in to their office we were offered a chair and a coffee. Explaining the problems with my existing website I told them that I hoped they would be able to fix up my site so that it worked properly. Looking through my site I was told that it would be cheaper to build a new site than to try and fix the wreck of a website that I had. With obvious unease, due to my last experience with website developers I went ahead.

I requested a website that a child could operate (that would be about my skill level) It had to look after itself.  I just wanted to change the content add some pictures, maybe some video’s. Oh! And I wanted to sell my products on line with all the gizmos that you need. Pictures with drop down boxes linked to other products , a shopping cart,  pricing that will work with multiple items so the postage is not added more than once, a blog, a referral page. Etc. You would probably think I know more about websites than I have been letting on. Actually they were all Friendly Webs ideas. I just went with the flow.

The hard part for me was getting the content, wording, pictures, together. Karl at Friendly Web was my main point of contact. His patience with me was and still is quite something. What is so simple for him is so hard for me. Not being a computer geek. (sorry Karl) His team have gone beyond anything that I would have expected. They have visited my premises on numerous occasions to guide me through what I’m sure normal computer types would grasp easily.

Did they deliver what I asked for. Yes they did. I can mange my way around my site. Editing pictures content etc. If I get stuck, (mainly because I’ve forgotten what I should be doing) I call and they sort it for me.

Friendly Web is a team of extremely hard working honest guys that will not rip you off. If only I had found them first, I would have saved thousands yes thousands of dollars on my website.

If you would like to visit or call me about my site and my experience with friendly web ask the guys for my details.

Kind regards

When Ezi-Hair came to us we were in the process of building the Friendly Shops system, in fact Ezi-Hair was the first client to come on board.

Ezi-Hair came to us when their previous website company took them for a ride. In our opinion, the service they had received was appalling; charging Ezi-Hair an over inflated price for an unfinished site, not completing functionality agreed to, refusing to publish the site without payment up front and forcing Ezi-Hair to go backwards and forth with content multiple times. 

Frustrated and having lost a significant amount of time and money, unsurprisingly, Ezi-Hair looked for other options; they found us!  

Ezi-Hair required a website that would allow them to administer and sell their products on-line without any fuss. Their most important requirement was that it had to be simple and fast to update. Friendly Shops was designed to do just that. After a few niggles, we got their website up and running.

Our priority was to make the website function smoothly, Ezi-Hair staff needed to administer their site and products easily, without any website building skills, and their customers needed to find and purchase Ezi-Hair products without glitches.

After talking through requirements with the business owners, we realised that in order to better support Ezi-Hair’s needs, we’d need to expand Friendly Shops features. We added functionality and provided Ezi-hair with unique features such as:

Product image Attributes.

We needed to show an accurate representation of the product’s hair colour in a simple way so that Ezi-Hair customers were able to choose the right colour. This would lead to a happy customer and encourage them back for other products and would lead to referrals. To do this, we added the Product Image Attributes.  This enabled the team at Ezi-Hair to upload an accurate picture of the hair colour, and then we created a way for the customers to be able to choose that colour simply by clicking on it, rather than having a drop down list.  This made for a much clearer shopping experience for their customer.

Video Demonstrations

Ezi-Hair needed the ability to embed a Vimeo video of their staff demonstrating how the hair extension products are fitted into someone’s hair, so we created exactly that. When Ezi-Hair staff log-in to their site all they need to do is paste a video URL in to the box provided and it will then embed the video on to the correct page.  Simple and fast to update, just what Ezi-hair asked for!

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