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3rd June 2014

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Kathy Hardy
CEO - Owner & Founder


Friendly Web developed our web page and we are extremely happy with the results.

After a few hiccups and putting off getting our web page up and running (prior to moving to Friendly Web), Karl made it easy and was prepared to listen and understand our specific issues and needs.   

Karl was very patient with our lack of computer knowledge and slow approach to completing our web page but gave us a gentle nudge where needed to keep us on track.  

Karl and his team showed a professional approach and we appreciate the ease of working with him.

The website is very user friendly and we find managing it very easy.  Karl is always willing to make any tweaks that we ask of him.

Overall we have had a great experience with Karl at Friendly Web.

After some time being mucked around by their previous web developer, Kathy from Payless Plastics was referred to us by a close associate.
Once sitting down & understanding the issues she was having with her previous developer we decided that the path the website developer was leading her on was not the right one, and we steered her back on course, and began the process of getting her site up and running.

We understood that Kathy wanted a presence on the web to catalogue the products she has for offer so we set her up with a modified version of Friendly Shops.

We needed to extend the functionality of Friendly Shops to be able to handle her unique request of being able to upload a PDF of specials that are in the Weekend Sun on a bi-weekly basis.

After some thinking, processing and weighing up the pros and cons, we both came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea for the site to be mobile compatible and the decision has really paid off the site is now averaging about 60/40 to mobile users and is on the rise.

Kathy & the team from Payless Plastics are delighted with their new website and are now looking at how they are able to increase the functionality of selling their products to New Zealand & the world.

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