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4th April 2014

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Sandra Young


Owner & Founder


Friendly Web have proved to be an excellent choice as our Web Designer.  They are "friendly", keen and approachable.  Friendly Web are happy to take on new ideas and develop processes to make things happen.  They use their own initiative to come up with improvements.  We are pleased with the results.

Wright Sports is a Tauranga based sports outlet who we approached theme to see if they would like to join the new Friendly Shops platform.

Wright sports had a website previously that they weren't really happy with and decided it was time for a change, we showed them the Friendly Shops system and we began work on there site.

Wright Sports needed a website that was consistent with their branding and image. 

The site consists of sports items which range from shoes right through to tennis equipment cricket rugby and more. All items on the website are the latest and major leading sports brands from around the world.

Wright sports wanted to be  able to extend their website so that it could handle on-line selling, so we figured Friendly Shops would be the best fit for their situation. 

We needed to extend the functionality of Friendly Shops to be able to handle multiple attributes. 

Wright Sports also used our new Facebook Functionality which simply allows the website products to flow through to Facebook seamlessly. 

Wright sports are extremely happy with their website and are now looking at how to market the site.

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