Baptist Youth Ministries

Launch Date:
2nd February 2011

Camper Management
Multiple login & account creation
Lookup facility

Wayne Mortensen
Information & Project Manager


We have worked with Karl and Friendly Web over the past 5 years to develop a complicated databased website to suit our very specific needs with many users.

Always a work in progress as we come up with new ideas, Karl has been able to discuss and implement them and we now have a fantastic product that is “user friendly” and easy to navigate.

Thanks for always being available and allowing us to turn a dream into a reality and save us a whole lot of time and work.

Back in 2008 Wayne first approached us build a camper and personnel management system. The software is designed to make life easier, and allow the team to get jobs completed at a faster rate. It is built as a complete custom solution. We are constantly adding new features to it each year.

The software is designed to create management of over 4500 youth, 100+ churches, 300+ staff easier. After looking at the previous system which was an out of the box solution. Easter Camp felt it was important to have a solution that met their exact needs and felt that this couldn't be achieved using an out of the box solution.

We felt simplicity need to be the key with this web solution, with over 100+ churches logging in to the software on a daily basis for 2 months leading up to the camp to add youth to the database it needed to be simple and it needed to work.

The Easter Camp solution is built to make life simple for both church and staff at Easter Camp,and as we built this solution from the ground up the website has grown with the technology allowing us to create make the site easier and easier. 

We have created the solution to fit their exact needs, we needed to build the ability to database the thousands of people who attend the camp but not only that it needed to handle the ability for churches to register not only as a church but all the youth as well.   

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