Launch Date:
1st August 2013

Customer Tracking
Enquiry management

Jeremy Roland
CEO & Co-Founder


After realizing our mistakes with our first attempt at a CRM for our business we went back to the drawing board and more importantly did further homework on who else could provide the resulting software our business needed to grow. Luckily for us it was a local company this time who's confidence and enthusiasm to create where others and failed reinforced I was about to go on the journey of creating this program that we thought we were on with the last developer. 

Their drive to succeed has shown through with what they have created fro us, so much so that we invited them to redesign our website also. I thoroughly recommend this team to get the job done on time on budget, and along the way use their creativeness to challenge and enhance you original ideas and transform them into an innovative solution.

Travel Motors Direct (TMD) is a specialised engineering company specialising in Final Drives for diggers. TMD approached us to develop a web based solution that would suit them.

TMD wanted a Customer Management System (CRM) which would be web based enabling them to privately access their dedicated server from set places.

The CRM is designed to record enquiries coming in on a daily bases from existing and new customers.

The CRM is highly customised to the company‚Äôs needs. Adding customers to the CRM was designed to work in a certain way. Customers could be entered as standalone companies but were also able to be added in a company under a specific branch within that particular company. 

A global search was built which is able to search absolutely everything but shows result in a specific order to accommodate the information within the CRM.

*Due to privacy and sensitive information we can only provide limited information in order to protect our client.

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