Launch Date:
22nd June 2018


Daniel Belchamber
Head Leader


Freestyle BMX club-BMX inc was establised in Tauranga in 2001. BMX inc was looking for a computer web design company that would give our webpage a real professional look. A Webpage that gets across the message using visual images as well as words is most effective. It targets the core group as well as the parents and the public in letting them know what is really going on.Its important that your webpage expresses that bmx inc is a club with a  social conscience. FRIENDLY WEB  stuck to to the brief we gave them and as result we have a professional looking web page.

If your are a community organisation or Club ,We would  highly recommend FRIENDLY WEB. 

BMX Inc is a non-profit organisation who are out to show teenagers that having fun, causing mischief, and God can all go together.

Daniel approached us after hearing that his previous website developer was moving to Australia.

We worked with Daniel from BMX Inc and created a website for teens who are looking for a BMX club in the Tauranga area, after determining what was needed on the site we got to work straight away.

We worked out that the club needed some vital things on their website.


We felt that the most important feature to the site should be a gallery. The galley needed to show photos of the teens doing tricks and show off to the potential BMX riders the things that they could learn and do while hanging out with BMX Inc.


Once potential users arrived at the website we wanted to impress them, so we put a slideshow on the home page.  We created a collage of the boys doing tricks and also those just chilling out, we wanted to show the culture of the teens who are riding at BMX Inc.


BMX Inc go on a number of road trips. BMX felt that they needed a calendar of events. The events only happened on a monthly basis. We worked out that instead of having an actual calendar, as there would only be a few events in a month, we would list the events instead. This has definitely worked out and is getting used regularly by the users.


Sponsors are huge part of BMX Inc’s funding so the team from BMX Inc felt it was important to promote them. Not only did we have them along the bottom of each page but  we wanted to give them more profile. We created a page which has a list of sponsors, we added a description to each sponsor and they also randomly rotate on the home page giving them more exposure.

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