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20th July 2013

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Peter Luxton
Founder & CEO


Relaxing in tranquillity by a pool in the countryside just outside of Tauranga is Boscabel Lodge and we needed to get that on a website. 

After working with us on their first website in 2010 Rosemary and Peter realised the importance of Search Engine Optimisation ( getting more hits on their website ) they rang us to ask where to from here?

We sat down together and analysed the website. We needed to make a plan to move forward. We came to the conclusion that after 3 years it was time to re-develop the website.

After making the decision to re-develop the website we needed to promote what  Boscabel Lodge is and provides.

We decided together that based on their target market and the previous website the three key features that needed to be on the site were as follows.


Creating a great first impression was on the top of this list when it came to the Boscabel Lodge website. We wanted to show off the great facilities provided when staying at the Lodge. We decided that having a large, subtle fading slideshow was right for this website. Now when you visit the Boscabel website you are greeted with a relaxing swimming pool, a photo of the warm entrance. We believe this has accomplished the goal to show tranquillity on the first impression. 

fter getting a great first impression we felt the next most important feature was the accommodation and what Boscabel could offer. We wanted to show the profile of the rooms, we did this by creating a page for each one. Each page has a description available for room along with a slow fading slideshow and the price for that accommodation.  

Like the slideshow the gallery was set up to display in a graphical way to show the potential customer that Boscabel has a lot to offer in terms of an exclusive lodge. Customers are able to go to the site and view photos in a large format of the lodge, pool, rooms and the surroundings. 

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