Launch Date:
5th March 2012

Booking System

Natalie Reeve


To Whom it May Concern

Friendly Technology has been awesome in getting our business out there .I have been with Karl for 4 years now and he has always given me an honest opinion of what should happen next regarding our website. As we all know technology is forever changing and I have great faith in this amiable team. I know too that they are up with the play and are constantly up skilling.

Affordability is always taken into account and Karl is available to help no matter how big or small your concern is. Dealing with it then and there on the spot is fantastic and it saves an awful lot of frustration when technology is not your strong point.

Thanks to Friendly Technology, a huge percentage of our clients come to us through an enquiry form on the website. Most clients have ‘googled’ us and found us near the top of the first page.

Our informative and fresh looking website has grown our business to what it is today and will continue to do so with their forever watchful eye and assistance.

Together we are now working on Face book and as long as I follow through with Karl’s suggestions I am positive that business will continue to increase sales.

Thanks Karl and the team at Friendly Technology for your honesty, reliability and commitment to growing Luv Boat Ferry Cruises Ltd. 

Natalie from LuvBoat II came to us wondering what to do next, she had just heard her website developer had decided to stop building websites, after receiving an email from us she decided to call us and see what we could do for her website. 

After a good chat and a cup of tea we decided it was time to redo the website. We worked with Natalie, her budget and came up with a solution that could work for both of us.

We decided that we needed some key features to ensure that she received bookings through her site.

Natalie wanted to be able to receive bookings on her website, she had some specific information. We decided to that the best way to do this was to create a form for people to fill in. After people completed the form it then got emailed to Natalie, which allowed her to see all the contact details of the person. The form gave her all the specific cruise information and she received the information instantly once the user clicked the send button on her website. 

We needed to show the luvboat has a lot more to offer than just a boat. So we created a gallery which Natalie can update. This allows the users of the site to understand the experiences on offer when you're on the luvboat. It also shows that Natalie and her team can cater for functions and are ready to have a bit of laugh and have a good time. 

Natalie felt her best way of advertising, like most business, is word of mouth and thus we needed a way to incorporate that into the website. We created a testimonials section on her site which allows people to not only read the feedback that has been placed but also place feedback themselves. We also felt that we needed to incorporate the testimonials at the top of the page, so each time you refreshed the page a new testimonial would show.

Natalie required the ability to change her website and offer regular specials to her customers. We thought about it and decided that putting the specials on the homepage would be the best solution. The idea of the special is a call to action, we wanted to create an easy way for her potential customers to get excited about the service and provide a way for them to follow through with the booking. We created the ability for Natalie to add a picture, change the title, text and create a link to the bookings page. 

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