Launch Date:
2nd February 2012

Booking System

Russel Hulbert


I am very pleased to be able to provide a reference for Karl and members of his team at Friendly Web.

Our previous website was provided by a New Zealand company, but who had all their work completed off shore. This was very inefficient and we experienced many problems during this time. We persevered for about 12 months and decided that it was better to let it go and start again.

We heard about Friendly Web by a company who'd had their website designed and maintained by them and all comments were positive.

Karl & his team discussed our requirements and then designed our website with the features we required. They ensured that we were satisfied with the result & where required modified the site to our specific needs.

Our website is working well and allows us the flexibility to change most of our information as and when required.

We are pleased with the ongoing services that we receive in maintaining our website and optimising our site for search engines on the internet.

Essential First Aid Training approached us to design their new website.

We weren't the only company that Russell had contacted to get a quote as he wanted someone local  that could do the job to the specifications he requested.

After Russell had made the decision to go with us we met with him at his office and talked through his website requirements.

After understanding his requirements we signed the dotted line and started work.

The website is basically split up in to main parts…

Booking system

Russell wanted us to create a way for his customers to be able to book his courses on-line, and it needed to be simple. We created a step by step process which guided the customer thought the whole booking process. It allowed the customer to be able to choose the location of the course, what course they wanted to do, and show the date of the course in a calendar format. After the customer had booked the course both parties then received a confirmation message.

We also created a management system in the backed for Essential First Aid to manage the bookings.


Essential First Aid wanted to be able to promote the products they sell. We created an on-line ordering system. It allows customers to be able to add products to their cart and then send the order to Essential First Aid. The products system allows essential first aid the ability to add and modify products & categories without our help.  

Not only that, we also created an auto completing search system which allows customers the ability to type and be directed to the right place by suggesting different terms that match what they were typing into the search field.

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