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28th March 2014

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Oceania Growth Partners Ltd has recently entered into a market that requires us to be visible to those wishing to find us, and also to provide good background information on who we are, what we do, why we do it and who we do it for.

Our directors had previous experience of the professionalism and determination traits that are typical of the Friendly Web team and so we had no hesitation in commissioning Karl and the team to work with Oceania Growth Partners Ltd to create a strong presence on the web.

When the final touches were made to the web site and allied with the hosting and email routing through the Friendly web we were very pleased with the shape and feel of the finished article.

There is always an element of collaboration in these projects requiring careful management and regular progress updates. Hefty doses of patience by all parties allied with a steady flow of information and ideas between all concerned made the project more of a team effort and the outcomes are then likely to better reflect the needs and aspirations of the parties.

We are sure that anyone using Karl Friend and the team at Friendly Web for guidance and professional help with website construction/hosting and optimisation will be pleased with the outcome and know that they have been through a quality process.

We are happy to invite anyone contemplating using Karl and the team at Friendly Web to visit our site to get an insight into the final outcomes which we are very satisfied with. Although it is early days in the life of our site we are confident that it will do what we expect of it.

Oceania Growth Partners (OGP) is a modern enterprise development company which has been established to facilitate in all aspects of business growth, they required a website that was clean, professional, simple and targeted at business owners. We believe we did exactly that.

OGP is a start-up company and found it a small challenge to work out what was needed on their website, as this is a first of its kind and didn't really have much to work from. We worked with them and worked out what it was that they were trying to get across to the potential clients and in the end we came up with the following.

Home Page
The home page needed to be clean but it also needed to provide enough information that allowed the reader to understand the business and gave the reader the opportunity to move through the website. We created a few key areas on the homepage which fulfils this. One of the key areas is the blocks of text on the home page. We asked the team at OGP to create some teaser texts which enticed the reader to click on "read more…".

Business Associates
The business associate pages allow OGP to profile the companies they work with. It allows OGP to upload the clients logo, contact information and any other information they want to show.  This was important as it shows potential businesses who are interested in or are currently doing business with OGP that nothing is secret and their contacts are open for contact.

The founder’s page is extremely important as we needed to show that OGP was more than just a name and that it had profile behind that name. The target market for this company are businesses looking to expand and are going to be entrusting a lot of responsibility and decision making that could affect their business, so providing a background to the founders was extremely important . 

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