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22nd March 2013

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Chris Rapson

Founder & CEO


Like all businesses in these times we came to the realisation that having a quality presence on the web was important to growing our business.

Our initial experience with another developer (who also hosted the websites they developed) was far from satisfactory. We were taken for granted, charged too much for the work done and repeatedly treated in an offhand and unprofessional manner. Extracting ourselves from that situation could not come quickly enough so we sought a new developer who would treat us fairly, and someone we could rely on to be a dependable partner in this facet of our marketing.  Much to our surprise we found just such a business next door to where we operate from! 

Karl Friend and the team at Friendly Web have been very patient with us; this entire website development process has been a huge learning curve for us and is as much about education and the sharing of new concepts as it is about having an internet presence that attracts good quality opportunities.

We collaborated easily with the Friendly Web team and now have a quality outcome producing a steady stream of quality leads. Karl has also encouraged us to make the most of the simplest social media opportunities; dovetailing that into the website management process. As each month passes by we are also being quietly encouraged by Karl to invest in a modest way into optimising the performance of the website. Have a look at our site, you will be impressed.

So far the Friendly Web process has been a good experience for us. It has delivered good results to date and we expect it will continue to do so.

Anyone using Karl Friend and the team at Friendly Web for advice and to construct a suitable and successful website for their business will be in good hands.

Chris Rapson Loans & Finance now known as Rapson Loans and Finance site needed to have a fresh new look, it needed to use the new Rapson Loans & Finance branding which the Tessa and the team from Ignite design came up with.

The site needed to be easy for potential clients to contact Chris and the team from Rapson Loans & Finance. It needed to have a Home loans and Mortgages focus.

The site has 3 key features which we believe made it easy to complete these goals.

We created a basic fading slideshow with slides about home loans and mortgages, with links going to different pages throughout the site.

Quick boxes
Under the slideshow we wanted to put across to the user the key services the team provides. We did this in a way so customers are able to click on any of the information which then redirects to pages about that topic. The first box we decided needed to be home loans, mortgages and finance pages.

First home buyers Guide & Lending – Buyer Tips & FAQ
We asked the team to create a list of FAQ’s and buying tips to make it easy for both users & Google to find out information about lending and this then shows Google that there is valuable information on the site. We also wanted to allow the customers to download that information so we created those pages in PDF format.

Other Features we implemented.

Latest News:
We wanted the team to be able to create new latest news items and post them to the website allowing them to have their website create new content.

Call to action Form
We felt it was extremely important to make it as easy as possible for the clients to be able to contact Chris and the team so we created a contact form on all  pages.

The site for Chris Rapson and the team Rapson Loans and Finance has come out as Chris and Friendly Web expected and wanted it to. We have created a dynamic site that really shows people all about why it is important to use a Mortgage broker to refinance their home. 

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