Launch Date:
5th December 2011

Front Tabs

Allan Hosking 
CEO & Founder


Friendly Web provided a timely and professional service for our web site design requirements. The design was provided on time, within budget and was followed up with good after sales support.

Allan from Survey Solutions came to us requiring a website after finding us on Google. Allan had just started his business and needed a local website developer and he found us. Allan wanted a website that was simple to navigate, clean and could display his products.

Front Tabs
We created a graphical menu on the homepage which worked like a menu to get to the most important parts of his website. We wanted to keep the tabs as simple and clean as possible as we felt that this is how his target audience would find things. The tabs are able to have a description and an image of where the tab will navigate you to.

Allan needed a way to showcase his products. He required the ability to write a description, upload photos and then attach a products specifications pdf sheet to each product. We also felt it was extremely important to create a call to action on the page which lead potential clients to the contact us page. We also created the ability for Allan to categorise the products.

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