Website Marketing

It is no use having a beautiful store when no one comes to your shop.

It is no use having an exciting website when no one clicks or visits!

Well firstly, you need to have a well constructed and attractive web site.

OK, we can help, with our Friendly Web Design system and a monthly SEO plan.

But simply building a site and positioning it on the web for all to see is not enough.

Too often, companies think that all they have to do is build a site, and the world will hack a path to their door - not true !!

Building the site is only half the journey.

You also need to market your online presence. There are a multitude of methods, using both electronic and traditional mediums to get your message out and attract visitors to your site.

Don't promote your site at your peril - your online exposure will wither and die !!


How to get people to your website

You can choose to either shout it's existence from the roof top to let everyone know, or make it the best kept secret , the choice is yours. (What to do? Hmmm... it’s a no brainer really…)

 You must also consider using email marketing, radio, newspaper, or direct mail. You can put your web address on your business cards, letterheads or even your number plate !

You can use some ( or all ) of these mediums but in short  you have to do something to tell folks how to find you !!

We can help with designing the right combination to fit your budget. 

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO)

This is an essential part of creating your effective web presence.

The  optimisation  process is designed to enhance your details physical positioning on a page of listed providers of like products.

Sounds obvious doesn't it but too often its importance is ignored and it is critical to the effectiveness of your web presence.

Put simply, when a person is researching, using a search engine, to find your product or service, do you want to be number 1 on the list or on page 6 !!!

You need a website that looks good and has interesting and helpful content that is easy to find. It needs to have beauty that is more than skin deep. Your website needs keywords and accurate placement to attract attention. 

Targeted Advertising 

Website marketing is targeted advertising. It’s not shooting the shotgun of junk mail to every household only ' spray and pray' basis. It’s a sniper firing your message directly to people who are asking about your industry - they have a target on their chest!

Website marketing is meeting the needs of a captive audience. They are searching for the key words you have placed on your site, so they want what you’ve got – these are the people you must target with online advertising.

The internet is a direct way to not only put your business in front of people who want to know about what you do. It provides an effective way to measure the performance of your marketing. And it is flexible to meet your requirements of timing and budget. 

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing plans can include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linked In ads, or many other online advertising options, depending on the target audience.

Search engine marketing goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ). You can’t succeed in one without the other.  

Get in touch with us to discuss your targeted marketing plan.
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